Air Cargo Tracking For Everyone In The Supply Chain. At Your Fingertips

Tracking and On Demand Realtime updates

Simply register your Air Waybills by uploading them via *.txt files, sending an email or automate it through API. Receive detailed air cargo tracking information consolidated in an easy-to-understand status history.

  • Standardised freight status updates from over 100 of the world’s leading airlines
  • Alerts when consignments miss their intended flight (Alerts can be sent via email, SMS or social media e.g., WhatsApp for business)
  • Targeted On-demand consignment monitoring for high profile/ value shipments for real-time updates
  • Updates direct to your customers via email, SMS or other social media outlets. Enable effective E-Commerce operations
  • Dashboards to monitor your business and valuable insights throughbusiness reports
  • And much more

Send and Receive updates with OneRecord

Once your data is translated to the OneRecord Logistics Objects, you can easily send and receive updates as objects, free of charge, to any other partner who has a OneRecord account. If your partner does not have an account, simply invite them to the platform and you can communicate vital, real-time, Air Cargo status and operational updates in real-time free of translation or messaging charges.