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Making Air Logistics better for everyone

ONEShipper is the digital platform supporting a new generation of Air Logistics companies succeed through automation


Powered by IATA ONE Record one-record


Making air cargo easy for everyone
eCSD and Pre Alerts

The e-CSD empowers operators to seamlessly share and preserve security details digitally, ensuring the transport of only verified secure cargo. This digital document is also accessible for regulatory audits at any stage of the supply chain and can be easily converted into a printed format from its electronic version. OneShipper's proven eCSD solutions seamlessly integrate into your operations, catering to the unique needs of individual operators, including RAs, CCSFs, GHAs, or Airlines.

Interactive Cargo with IoT 

Interactive Cargo is on a mission to revolutionize the air cargo supply chain with cutting-edge, responsive services. Leveraging smart systems that can autonomously monitor activities, dispatch instant alerts, adjust to changes, and fulfill customer expectations for quality, Interactive Cargo ensures a seamless journey for your goods. OneShipper's Interactive Cargo solutions empower sectors such as cold chains, pharmaceuticals, perishables, and more, streamlining their air cargo operations with ease.

ONEShipper transforms your data integration process, making EDI, messaging network subscriptions, PIMA, and other costly methods obsolete. By harnessing the power of the advanced IATA ONE Record web standards, ONEShipper enables seamless sharing of json, CIMP, XML, Media, and any data format you prefer, facilitating effortless data exchanges with your partners through both push and pull integrations. Connect with us to discover how our pioneering solutions can drastically improve your market position.
ONEShipper revolutionizes the way you manage multi-modal cargo, offering a robust, secure platform for application and data sharing that spans the entire cargo lifecycle.
This platform not only streamlines pre-flight security and cargo acceptance with its eCSD, advanced notifications but also enables seamless pre-flight compliance reporting and comprehensive tracking from the initial pickup to the final delivery. At the heart of ONEShipper is its foundation on the IATA ONE Record standard, transforming data handling with its revolutionary approach to leveraging data objects and sub-objects instead of documents and messages. This innovation ensures that you and your partners can harness the full power of a cutting-edge data sharing platform, making previously inconceivable efficiency and connectivity a reality.
Ensures full adherence to global cargo regulations and standards


Air cargo partnership reduces goods waiting times by 80%


Integrate everyone in the Supply Chain through quick, intuitive interactions. Forwarders can invite Shippers and share real time shipment data and updates. Delegate data access to Ground Handlers, Facilities, Warehouses and other partners. Remove access after delivery.

The First in INg2 (1)

OneShipper is an optimized, air logistics software built on IATA's new ONE Record standard. Purpose built for Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Perishable and valuable cargo, OneShipper helps you execute your shipments better, reduce carbon, stay compliant to Global Pharma Transportation Regulations, increase quality while continuously monitoring the state of your sensitive shipments using the most modern IoT Technologies. It is highly flexible and can be customized to suit your business. Optionally, you can invoice and collect payments for all services via PayCargo.

Nexshore has the most experience in the industry with IATA ONE Record. Sign up for ONEShipper and be ONE Record ready.

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Comprehensive app functionality paired with extensive data interchange capabilities

Fully compliant standards based pre flight cargo security capabilities

ONEShipper apps hosts one of the most comprehensive pre flight security processes for RAs, CCSFs, GHAs and Airlines integrating warehouses for cargo reception and acceptance.

Complete Visibility Of Cargo With End To End Digitalization

The platform offers specialized Sensitive Cargo digital solutions engineered from the Analysis of IoT Data. Go further than Analysis, derive Genuine Business Value.

Real-time Updates From IoT Devices monitoring Air Cargo

Detailed air cargo tracking info freight updates and alerts via dashboards with easy-to-understand status history. Peace of Mind that your Sensitive Cargo is doing just fine.

Powerful Data Sharing Capabilities With Partners

Data is translated to OneRecord format and OpenAI standards allowing secured channels of communications to easily publish to and Subscribe to receive updates to and from any other partner. Powerful delegation features allow you to share data when needed and remove access when not.

Form Powerful Data Sharing networks to work as an integrated group or service

Create your tailored and optimized logistics network with no overheads and seamlessly manage airport stations, airlines, customers, and ground transportation partners. Bring Shippers into the network, closely integrating everyone in the Supply Chain. Transact with peace of mind that your data remains secure as ever, speeding up the entire transportation process. 


Explore new business opportunities with native IoT integration

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Fully compliant in 130 countries, never worry about delays anymore.

Robust Foundations.

At the heart of the OneShipper platform is the IATA ONE Record open-source specification.


AWBs Tracked


Freight Event Updates Served

Data Sharing Platform. IMG001 (1)

Brands that trust ONEShipper

Visibility. Predictability. Efficiency. Connectivity.

Boost productivity for individuals and teams. Leverage powerful mobile features and other apps to get access, give access and work as an integrated chain.

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Increase Revenue, save costs

Free for a limited time. Be connected all the time. Never miss an update. Sign up for your account.

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Secure all information

Secure, authenticated and permission based data sharing with delegation. Switch on or off at will.

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Data Insights

Complete visibility into real-time cargo movements enables everyone to remain updated and in sync with the mission.

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Hear what people are saying about us


I think without your support we would not have got the pilot off the ground. Nexshore were an ideal partner, they delivered a project plan, stuck to it and were extremely good at liaising with all the parties. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

Guy Thompson
Programme Director, CCS-UK User Group Ltd.


We are pleased with the opportunity to contribute to this IATA OneRecord Pilot, which demonstrated the great teamwork

Clera Lam
Head of Cargo Digital, Cathay Pacific Cargo


"From BT's perspective, we were very please to see the pilot complete so successfully."

Nick Weaver
Director, BT CCS-UK


"EDI and messaging are due for retirement and it is urgent to bring the simplicity of the web to freight."

Henk Mulder
Head of Digital Cargo, IATA


"I think you stunned a few participants with the progress you have made!."

Malcolm Fowler
Programme Manager, CCS-UK OneRecord Pilot

Malcolm Fowler

Get to know us better

ONERecord Pilot at Heathrow

Case Study

ONE Record Pilot Heathrow Airport

Focus on Features: Plug & Play connectivity | Data Quality & control

Explore how ONERecord pilot implementation improved transparent and secure data sharing - eliminating expensive messaging costs, and minimize paper trails of air cargo operations in one of the world’s foremost and busiest airports. ONE Record continues to be enhanced under the ORAH (ONERecord At Heathrow) programme.

Download Case Study

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways and Customs ONE Record Pilot

Case Study

Digital Corridors of Trust

Focus on Features: Digital corridors | PLACI 

Trusted trade corridors are being developed by Governments to ensure speedy movement of goods and accelerate trade. Read how ONERecord enables this by engaging Customs organizations and bringing them into the movement of trade cargo, speeding up commerce. Phase 2 involving imports into the UK is currently being planned with various stakeholders 

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The IATA Switch to OneRecord is Only a Matter of Time. Make it now to be a Leader. Leaders Win.



Secure platform for end-to-end multi modal cargo management.

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