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Turn Data into Revenue

Offer Unmatched Digital Services to Shippers

Integrate all your shippers to your business digitally. Provide a superior experience to your Shippers. Freight Forwarders can now offer a Digital SaaS - directly from Airlines to Shippers. Put your Forwarder Operations on autopilot and turn Data into Revenue.

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360° Digital. 100% Secured.

A Digitalized Supply Chain, empowering Freight Forwarders to offer Better Shipper Experiences and Swift Cargo Movements.

One Platform. Value to Shippers.

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One Platform. Forwarders license OneShipper as a SaaS, configure it and invite Shippers. Effective Digital Capabilities for Freight Forwarders to Integrate with Shippers.

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As the Digital Integration (SaaS ) to serving automated Quotes, Bookings, Collecting Payments, Tracking and Tracing Cargo, brings visibility into the world’s Air Cargo - at your and your Shipper's fingertips. The platform digitalizes key logistics services offered to shippers for better experiences and faster movement of air cargo.

The First and Only Commercially Supported Implementation of IATA’s ONE Record

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Features. For Efficient Use of Real-time Data.

Complete Visibility Of Logistics With End To End Digitalization -

The platform offers specialized digital solutions - from booking to managing air cargo to its final destination.

Real-time Updates Of Cargo Efficient Tracking Feature -

Detailed air cargo tracking info - freight updates and alerts via dashboards with easy-to-understand status history.

Simplified Knowledge Sharing Data Sharing Within & Outside Network -

Data is translated to OneRecord format and allows to easily send and receive updates to any other partner.

Efficient Managing Of Partners Networking Features For Partnerships -

Create your tailored and optimized logistics network with no overheads and seamlessly manage airport stations, airlines, customers, and ground transportation partners.

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Integrate Efficiency into your Air Cargo Operational Capabilities

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The Future of Fast Logistics on Today’s Most Efficient Data Sharing Platform.

OneRecord Application

At the heart of the platform is the OneRecord application built on the IATA ONE Record open-source specification. It’s the central repository for all Air Cargo tracking and tracing needs, offering valuable insights into airline performance on shipments.


AWBs Tracked


Freight Status Updates Sent

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Visibility. Predictability. Efficiency in Logistics.

Benefits for Air Cargo Stakeholders within our Digital Ecosystem.

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Save on all costs removes all cost barriers to sharing data besides lowering ownership costs.

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Secure every information

The platform powers secure, authenticated, and permission-based data sharing.

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Improve CX with less CAPEX

The platform helps redefine every shipper’s CX without major capital investments.

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Follow every step of shipping

Complete visibility into real-time cargo movements enables everyone to remain updated.

Brands that Enjoyed Better Control of Air Cargo Ops with 

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Expressing Confidence in our SaaS-led Shipping Experiences.

Our success footprint on the Global Air Logistics Landscape.

ONERecord Pilot at Heathrow

Case Study

ONE Record Pilot Heathrow Airport

Focus on Features: Plug & Play connectivity | Data Quality & control

Explore how ONERecord pilot implementation improved transparent and secure data sharing - eliminating expensive messaging costs, and minimize paper trails of air cargo operations in one of the world’s foremost and busiest airports. ONE Record continues to be enhanced under the ORAH (ONERecord At Heathrow) programme.

Download Case Study

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways and Customs ONE Record Pilot

Case Study

Digital Corridors of Trust

Focus on Features: Digital corridors | PLACI 

Trusted trade corridors are being developed by Governments to ensure speedy movement of goods and accelerate trade. Read how ONERecord enables this by engaging Customs organizations and bringing them into the movement of trade cargo, speeding up commerce. Phase 2 involving imports into the UK is currently being planned with various stakeholders 

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The IATA Switch to OneRecord is Only a Matter of Time. Make your Switch now to be the Leader. Leaders Win.



Fast Commerce. On the Faster Lane of Digital Logistics.

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