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API Integration

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Seamless Two Way Data Integrations based on Industry Standards.

Accessing and sharing a wide variety of data to efficiently manage logistics is at the heart of a digitally evolved air cargo process. ONE Record Open API standards and our proprietary API is the answer to seamlessly integrating with other enterprise applications used by logistics partners, enhancing application functionality and simplifying communications by leveraging the power of the web. API

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Leveraging the API within the organization

Bring the power of OneRecord API into your systems for faster data sharing and seamless communication.

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Seamless Collaboration With Partners 

Connect, share, and collaborate with partners via OneRecord APIs. Do it more seamlessly than before.

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Enhancing Application Functionality

Integrate OneRecord API to improve the functionality of logistics applications within your enterprise systems.

Technical Architecture At A Glance

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API Integration Benefits

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Integrating OneRecord API with existing legacy systems helps improve process efficiency.

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In the API, a single Logistics Object can bring a single source of truth, ensuring logistics operations are based on standardized and relevant data.

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API integration ensures that data is available on demand - when required, wherever it is required.

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Built on the principle of Plug-and-Play, OneRecord API can integrate services and aggregate data from
multiple parties. 

Access all the benefits a mature API brings you. Get full access to the API with a Standard SaaS License.