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About Us

Digital disruptors of global air cargo supply chains

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Nexshore In A Nutshell

Building The Internet Of Logistics And The SaaS Lane For Fast Commerce

Meeting this promise by digitalizing air cargo operations through and tightly integrating supply chains on a single OneRecord platform.

Nexshore is a new logistics network and communications platform with new data standards based technology for the cargo industry. Our solutions facilitate the building and porting of logistics applications for service providers besides offering reliable data sharing capabilities - bringing the much-needed security and speed for logistics providers, to successfully communicate and fulfill orders. 

The Mission We're Onto

Disrupt the way logistical supply chains work with new standards based technology for the Cargo industry.

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The Vision We Strive For

Usher an ecosystem of end-to-end digitalized logistics operations for streamlined service offerings and superior experiences.

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Meet Nexshore