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Digitalizing Air Cargo Ops - Defining A New Paradigm Of Experiences

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Simplified Experiences For Everybody In Air Cargo

Research from the Hackett Group points out that businesses associated with the air cargo supply chain have only digitalized 40% of their operations. It means there's a significant gap and a series of challenges unaddressed, such as - manual office operations, poor shipper experiences, and the lack of a centralized platform to seamlessly connect, operate, and share data. With, we're eliminating this gap to fast-forward global air cargo operations. connects and digitizes every aspect of air cargo operations - enabling freight forwarders to offer specialized services to their shippers. The SaaS platform helps airfreight carriers be more efficient by decreasing delays, eliminating errors, and automating repetitive procedures.

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Experience potential in only a few minutes

Benefits In The Air Cargo Ecosystem

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Capacity Planning

Facilitating real-time data sharing and true view of flight operations helps in better and more detailed capacity planning.

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Real-time Quotes

Seamless connectivity and information sharing across the logistics network through enables real-time quote sharing.

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Cargo Booking

Improved cargo booking experience - paperless and actual container and airline information available in real time.

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Cargo Monitoring

Freight forwarders and shippers can seamlessly track cargo through integrated tracking across the entire lifecycle of its movement.

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Benefits With The Platform In Place

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Improved Overall Supply Chain Planning
Shippers are able to better plan capacity by matching inventory requirements.

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Better Customer Relationships
Since fright forwarders can now focus on managing shipper experience instead of manually operating air cargo functions.

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Improved Visibility
As end-to-end of supply chain logistics gets digitalized.

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Decisive Decisions
Real-time inputs on cargo and updates from the network - all accessible via single dashboard helps in better and informed decision making.

Offer complete digitized experiences to your shippers for better returns from logistics ops