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  • Basic Air Cargo tracking and alerts for individual operators.


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  • Detailed Air Cargo tracking, shared analytics, and alerts for connected enterprises.


Air Cargo Tracking for Everyone in the Supply Chain. 90%+ Airlines representing 85% of the World’s Cargo. At your fingertips.


Tracking with optional On Demand Realtime updates

Simply register your Air Waybills by uploading them via *.txt files, sending an email or automate it through API. Receive detailed air cargo tracking information consolidated in an easy-to-understand status history.

  • Standardised freight status updates from over 100 of the world’s leading airlines
  • Alerts when consignments miss their intended flight (Alerts can be sent via email, SMS or social media e.g., WhatsApp for business)
  • Targeted On-demand consignment monitoring for high profile/ value shipments for real-time updates
  • Updates direct to your customers via email, SMS or other social media outlets. Enable effective E-Commerce operations
  • Dashboards to monitor your business and valuable insights throughbusiness reports
  • And much more

Translation from CargoIMP formats are automatically supported for a small fee of $0.05 per message


Powerful networking features to grow and manage your partnerships

Create your custom, optimized, logistics network with no overheads on OneRecord. Subscribe to any Airport station and browse through the Airlines to connect to them. Form your optimized network of Airport stations, Airlines, Customers, Ground transportation partners to effectively manage export or import shipments. Add more airport stations, find new partners, service more customers and grow your business.


Send and Receive updates with OneRecord

Once your data is translated to the OneRecord Logistics Objects, you can easily send and receive updates as objects, free of charge, to any other partner who has a OneRecord account. If your partner does not have an account, simply invite them to the platform and you can communicate vital, real-time, Air Cargo status and operational updates in real-time free of translation or messaging charges.


Share vital information within and outside

Text, live email updates, automated event triggers, premium real time tracking. Once your data is translated to the OneRecord format and Logistics Objects are created, you can easily send and receive updates, free of charge (except carrier charges where applicable) - to any other partner regardless of whether they have a OneRecord account. To further save on costs, simply invite your partners to join.



Frequently Asked Questions

Check our FAQ for quick answer to your questions about products and pricing. If you need more information, Contact Us.

  • What is OneRecord by Nexshore?

    Designed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and brought to life by Nexshore, OneRecord has been designed to be the most efficient platform to date for data sharing in logistics. Envisioned as “an end-to-end digital logistics and transport supply chain where data is easily and transparently exchanged in a digital ecosystem of air cargo stakeholders, communities and data platforms”

  • ONE Record is a standard for data sharing and creates a single record view of the shipment. This standard defines a common data model for the data that is shared via standardized and secured web API. The standard is based on mature but progressive data sharing technologies that are well aligned with the best practices used by leading airlines. This makes it directly accessible to IT teams and service providers.

    1. Data Model specification: The standard provides the air cargo industry with a standard data structure for data exchange using JSON-LD that facilitates data integration with existing and new data services
    2. API specification:specifies the interface and interaction of the web API or Application Programming Interface that allows airlines and their partners to connect their system directly using best in class web technologies
    3. Security specification: uses an industrywide and federated trust network to manage identification and authentication of data sharing systems and ensures data privacy and confidentiality for all parties.

  • Pricing is simple and transparent. Based on a monthly SaaS billing cycle, Nexshore has three fundamental pricing tiers. The first basic subscription is for access to the account and basic product features [Business starting at $ 130 / Month up to Enterprise at $ 550 / Month]. This tier provides you with the right to use the SaaS product. Nexshore additionally charges a flat translation fee of $ 0.05 / Translation for data translation from or to other formats (eg. CargoIMP Type-2 formats). There are no additional charges for sharing data OneRecord Logistics Objects. Independent Software Vendors (ISV) pricing is simply $ 100 / Mo and $0.005 / API call metered in that period. However ISV customers will need subscriptions described above for the ISVs to operate their customer’s SaaS account.

  • There are fundamentally four product variants: (1) For Freight Forwarders (2) For Airlines (3) For Ground Handlers (4) For all other kinds of organizations (service providers, sub-contractors, trucking and road transport). A fifth kind of account is available to ISVs. Clicking on the “Buy Now” button will guide you through the steps to sign up for the correct account for you. In case you need help, please contact us via the “Send Message” form on the sidebar.

  • OneRecord by Nexshore is based on a simple SaaS subscription. You can cancel at anytime without obligation, no questions asked. Please ensure all your data is backed up before this request is made. You may lose access almost immediately after this request

  • OneRecord by Nexshore is a simple subscription price based on the payment method you setup. Nexshore uses Stripe® the leading payments company to manage all subscriptions so you can be rest assured that all your sensitive financial data is handled with the utmost security. Stripe is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider and maintains all necessary compliances globally. Nexshore does not maintain any sensitive personally identifiable information about you or your payment methods on our servers.


Build on OneRecord

Nexshore is offering a limited number of pilot stacks for third party App development. Nexshore welcomes you to apply for one to see if you qualify. You can get a jump start on developing your Apps on OneRecord by Nexshore (fully compliant with the IATA ONE Record standard) and a lot more API developed for powerful app building. Explore the program below and register for one if you would like to get started.


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In The Press


News / IATA's ONE Record setting a new standard for air cargo's digital future


“ONE Record will help us provide full transparency and predictability on transit, local pick-up and export deliveries in the landside operation process between ground handlers, road feeders, airlines and forwarders,” said Raoul Paul, chief executive of CargoHub.

CargoHub Trucking CDM Adopts IATA ONE Record Technology


Schiphol based CargoHub BV joins forces with Nexshore to adopt its ONE Record SaaS solution for data sharing the latest innovation in Air Cargo data sharing technology. Recognizing the efficiencies and data sharing capabilities of ONE Record for the collaborative decision making Trucking CDM platform, Raoul Paul, CEO of CargoHub states;

OneRecord by Nexshore debuts worldwide to enhance data sharing in air cargo


Nexshore has announced the latest innovation in air cargo data sharing technology – OneRecord by Nexshore SaaS. With OneRecord by Nexshore, the classical methods of sharing air cargo data through CargoIMP or CargoXML messages are now replaced by sharing OneRecord logistics objects which will slash transmission costs, accelerate communication, and enable the adoption of modern web standards that can help you grow revenues and offer superior customer experiences.

Nexshore unveils air cargo’s first all-embracing data-sharer


TECHNOLOGY consultancy Nexshore, creator of the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) ONE Record data-sharing solution, has unveiled a new bespoke, customisable air cargo software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which streamlines messaging systems and substantially improves efficiency in the air cargo industry supply chain, writes Thelma Etim.

News / Interest grows in IATA's ONE Record payment platform after successful tests


IATA’s ONE Record is gathering pace – a standard for data sharing that creates a single record view of the shipment, it is being tested and further developed.

PayCargo and Nexshore to unveil new payment capability for IATA’s ONE Record


PayCargo and Nexshore have developed the first integrated payment solution for the ONE Record initiative, which they will demonstrate at the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s ONE Record Hackathon next week.

PayCargo and Nexshore to unveil new payment capability for IATA’s ONE Record


“One of the objectives of ONE Record is to create opportunities for new value-added services as part of the much-needed push for the industry to fully digitize,” said Lionel van der Walt, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Americas for PayCargo.

PayCargo, Nexshore to unveil new payment solution at IATA’s ONE Record Hackathon


The system will be showcased on the first day of IATA’s Hackathon, which will include a PayCargo Challenge for teams to design a payment-focused solution using new fintech ideas and harnessing the power of Application Programming Interface (API).

New airfreight data system passes first test


The CCS-UK London Heathrow Airport air cargo community has successfully completed its first trial of IATA’s ONE Record technologies, which aim to replace the legacy Cargo-Imp and XML standards.

Interest grows in IATA’s ONE Record payment platform after successful tests | The Loadstar


IATA’s ONE Record is gathering pace – a standard for data sharing that creates a single record view of the shipment, it is being tested and further developed.This week, PayCargo and Nexshore developed the first integrated payment solution for the initiative.Users will be able to make and take payments online, via a variety of payment options, and will receive account reports and refund help as part of the platform.

Old-fashioned air cargo inches closer to one-time data entry


With its single-record view of each airfreight shipment, the association’s ONE Record data-sharing programme will hopefully rescue the air cargo industry from its current outmoded legacy swamp – to a smarter, unified digital air cargo ecosystem future.
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