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How to attach IoT devices to Universal Consignment IDs or AirWaybills for piece level tracking

OneShipper brings all the power of ONE Record to the palm of your hand. After registering for an account, log in and create a Universal Consignment ID (UCI). This is the best way to organize your information. After creating an UCI, you can attach an AirWaybill number to the UCI by simply scanning the bar code (IATA Standard) from a label. The label can be on the side of the packing carton, in the paper documentation on the side of the consignment or just displayed on a screen. Once the AirWaybill is attached, simple click on the IoT "Attach" Icon and scan the QR code for that device or input the IMEI number manually. If the devices are powered on, you will start observing data from the IoT devices in 15 minutes. Here is a vide describing the process.


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