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Sustainability with IATA’s ONE Record — a perspective from the field.

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As a business, it’s important to be aware of the impact on the environment. With #sustainability and #climatechange being prominent topics of discussion, ONE Record by Nexshore is committed to minimize environmental impact in the #aircargo industry in collaboration with our clients and airline partners.

Approximately 30 pieces of paper are generated for each air cargo shipment, according to #IATA, as it goes from shipper to consignee, via #freightforwarder, #truckingcompany, terminal operator, airline, ground handlers, and custom officials. The paper form of the transportation contract was still required for more than 30% of the cargo in April 2020, despite several efforts to switch to entirely electronic data transfers, such as Electronic Air Waybill.

This is where we come in. Built on IATA’s ONE Record technology, Nexshore offers complete end-to-end #digitization of air cargo processes for freight forwarders. We help our clients own their customer’s experience and provide specialized digitized services to their shippers for detailed capacity planning, real time quotes and cargo booking, with integrated tracking.

ONE Record is a standard for data sharing and creates a single record view of the shipment. This standard defines a common data model for the data that is shared via standardized and secured web API. The standard is based on mature but progressive data sharing technologies that are well aligned with the best practices used by leading airlines. This makes it directly accessible to IT teams and service providers.

Get started with OneRecord in less than 60 seconds and see how easy it is to start #tracking your #aircargo #shipments now!


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