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New UK legislation accelerates digital trade lanes

New UK Legislation accelerates digital trade lanes - First OneRecord by Nexshore digital trade lane trials success

Nexshore and BT Cargo Community Systems conclude successful trial.

Nexshore and the Cargo Community Systems team at BT have recently trialled a groundbreaking IATA ONE Record-enabled shipment facilitated by the UK’s Electronic Trade Documents Act (ETDA)

The shipment took flight on the Heathrow Changi trade lane following the UK ETDA coming into force on 20th September and united key players in the air cargo industry including Nexshore, BT Cargo Community Systems, Woodland Group, Worldwide Flight Services, EES Freight Services and Singapore Airlines.

The trial utilised IATA ONE Record to share e-Airwaybill data and status updates enabled by Nexshore’s ONE Record server technology and legal frameworks provided by the ETDA and IATA’s multilateral data agreements. The trial also integrated with the BT/CCS-UK AIS service to streamline truck drop-off procedures at Heathrow airport and digitise the processing of trucks and drivers as part of the cargo reception processes. This included the use of slot booking to deliver improvements in SLAs, truck handling times and driver productivity.

The benefits range from utilising new and open standards for data sharing in the digital ecosystem of air cargo stakeholders, improvements through digitising landside truck movements and using data rather than documents to facilitate cross-border trade – all facilitated by UK legislation and IATA standards and frameworks.


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