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Blog on the IATA DCC 2023 Panel discussion Day 2

Topic:  Panel: What can IT and CCS platforms do to support the 1-1-2026 digitalization objective?

Keith talked about how GLS HK has developed the ONE Record server and opened it to Agents for usage on pre-flight checks in HKG.

David was very industry centric and said ONE Record is a guideline which the industry needs to follow and they are closely observing it.

Pramod leaps ahead of 01-01-2026 and describes how ONE Record and the digitalization of Air Cargo brings a lot more benefits - since one would not just digitize existing processes. Digitalization brings many more opportunities to get closer to customers, integrate them tighter into your operation and MOPs can morph to suit more collaborative processes than used in the Industry now. e.g. Interactive Cargo, electronic distribution and the like.

Edward brought in an important concept and weighed in "we can't leave anybody behind" we are innovating on ONE Record and Interactive Cargo and will be approaching all our customers to ensure they are ready at least with their current processes on ONE Record by 01-01-2026.

Christian says we are halfway there, but lack the standards...The industry needs to imbibe standards in order to be successful and they have spent a lot of effort in making CargoXML compatible with ONE Record and have opened it to the public domain.

Whatever approach each solution provider is taking, they all agree with the 01-01-2026 date and that it's already too late for the Air Cargo industry to modernize. The date is a big milestone that will be achieved and all the vendors promise their best efforts towards making it happen.

OneRecord by Nexshore & OneShipper - Winning Industry Products

Nexshore is incredibly happy to be part of this event and looks forward to further co-operation and experience sharing with all the members of the IATA ONE Record groups.


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