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OneRecord by Nexshore released worldwide as a SaaS — The first data sharing platform based on IATA’s ONE Record Standard

ORLANDO, FL, February 22, 2021 — Nexshore today announced the latest innovation in Air Cargo data sharing technology — OneRecord by Nexshore SaaS. With OneRecord by Nexshore, the classical methods of sharing Air Cargo data through CargoIMP or CargoXML messages are now replaced by sharing OneRecord logistics objects which will slash transmission costs, accelerate communication, and enable the adoption of modern web standards that can help you grow revenues and offer superior customer experiences.

“OneRecord is the most important technology developed for the Air Cargo industry in decades. Sharing data on a modern web platform is the most powerful feature of OneRecord by Nexshore” said Monty Clark, President at Nexshore. “The platform allows anyone to effectively communicate with anyone else in the Air Cargo supply chain through an open standard published by IATA by simply setting up an account. Once an account is setup, networking is as easy as sending connection requests to partners and accepting incoming connection requests. The SaaS takes care of everything else by setting up communication channels in the background that allow you to instantly receive Air Cargo information so vital to your business. OneRecord is a truly disruptive technology”.

Nexshore’s OneRecord solution offers a different kind of Air Cargo communication experience. It is designed to get Air Cargo information from the inception, track and trace shipments and communicate the data quickly, securely, and accurately bringing every stakeholder in the supply chain onto the same communication chain regardless of their size. It is a powerful Air Cargo teambuilder. Everyone in the supply chain gets clear communications on a live shipment from the time an Airwaybill was created to the time it was delivered to the consignee. This first version focuses exclusively on Track and Trace functionality from over 90+ Airlines representing 80% of Worldwide Air Cargo between all major Airport pairs. With extensive reports to analyze metrics such as success rates of delivery, offloads, rebooking, daily and weekly reports of select metrics emailed to responsible contacts within your company.

Pramod Rao, Nexshore CEO explains “The OneRecord solution enables eCommerce service providers to process data at a pace needed to successfully communicate and fulfil orders. When you start receiving eight to ten thousand House bills in a single Master Airwaybill, disseminating information transparently with cargo drivers coordinating cargo pick-up, trucking, warehousing companies and customers on the status of the shipment. eCommerce customers will disappear quickly if they aren’t kept informed with the speed and accuracy they demand. Adopting OneRecord by Nexshore provides you with that capability for businesses of all sizes.”

In addition to the SaaS Edition, OneRecord by Nexshore is also available as a hybrid or on-premise solution which allow customers to fully integrate and customize their Air Cargo systems and easily align with the ONE Record specification by IATA.

About Nexshore

Based in Orlando, FL, Nexshore is aligned around a single focused objective of ‘Enhancing Business Value’ for clients. Nexshore provides technology-based products that enhance client’s businesses in simple, transparent steps. Nexshore is a Red Herring Global 100 technology winner and has developed specialized logistics software for several clients worldwide. OneRecord by Nexshore is available now at

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